DSS Releases Kano Singer Detained For Blasphemy

The Department of State Services (DSS) has released an Islamic singer, Ahmad Abdul, arrested for releasing a blasphemous song.

Abdul was arrested for releasing the uncensored song titled ‘Barhama Gwaska’, perceived as blasphemous and capable of creating chaos in the State.

Confirming the release on Monday, the Executive Secretary of Kano State Films and Video Censorship Board, Ismaila Na’abba Afakallah, said he had received hundreds of petitions against the song from concerned citizens.

Afakallah said he reported the singer to the DSS which later arrested him at a hotel where he had been hiding for days so as to save him from mob.

He added that the singer was reunited with his family after spending days in custody.

“He has been released as he regretted and apologized over his offence, promising not repeat it again,” said Afakallah.

On why the board did not arraign him before a court of law, Afakallah said, “We are not after arraigning people, we just want to see them repenting and rehabilitating. He has already regretted and apologised over the crime he committed.”

This is not the first time that people would be caught in controversy over songs perceived as blasphemous. Abdul who was detained by the Department of State Services (DSS) to safe him from lynching,  said while being granted conditional bail by the DSS, that he regretted his action as the song was not screened by the Kano State Censorship Board.

Abdul said, “I never knew my song was against Islamic teachings and could course an uproar, I wouldn’t have done it, but now, I have accepted my mistakes and I am hereby tendering my apology to Kano people, the Ulamas, government and the State Censorship Board.”

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