Nigeria @60: Only unity, tolerance can guarantee socio-economic progress, development, says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, has described unity and tolerance among Nigerians as the drivers of socioeconomic transformation, growth and development in Nigeria.

He therefore urged Nigerians to use the occasion of 60th independence anniversary of Nigeria to strengthen any cause that would promote peace, unity and tolerance in Nigeria.

President Buhari said that the nation’s ability to mobilise strength from unity and confront its challenges, together as Nigerians, is the essence of its independence and the ultimate symbolism of this anniversary.

The President spoke through the President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, on Friday during the 60th Independence Day Special Juma’at Prayer held at the Abuja National Mosque, Abuja, with the theme “Together Nigeria at 60: The Imperative of Building a Nation Together”.

He said described the 60th independence anniversary as a milestone and a reminder of the great sacrifices of the founding fathers and past leaders who fought, unitedly and formidably, for the present generation to have a country that, according to him, has remained the most prosperous black nation in the world, 60 years on.

He said: “On this note, I am making a clarion call to our various religious communities and individuals to sue for peace and national unity. This is because the ground solution to our challenges in this area of ethnic and religious intolerance, which is sometimes manifested in conflict, lies with individuals.”

He charged the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCAI) to do more in eradicating religious extremism, saying, “as Muslims, let us continue to prove, through words and actions, that Islam is nothing but peace, as enshrined in the Glorious Quran.”

He, however, assured that Federal Government was committed to entrenching sustainable peace in Nigeria, even as it intensifies the fight against insurgency, extremism and all forms of intolerance.

“Together and only together can we attain the goal of building a vibrant Nigeria, one that is steadily on the path of growth and sustainable development. One that rewards hardworking and bolsters potentials to flourish beyond limitations, and one that gives meaning to peaceful co-existence and unity in diversity,” he said.

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