No facemask, No Church worship, Kano CAN directs worshippers

In line with COVID-19 protocol, Kano State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria has made the use of face a prerequisite to be allowed for worship in any of the churches in the state.

A statement, Friday and signed by the Chairman of the Association, Reverend Samuel Adeyemo said the decision to insist on the use of face mask at worship places followed the approval by the state government for Christians to reopen their Churches for worship from Sunday, May 24.

The statement noted that Churches could commence from 6 00 am but must complete the service by1 00 pm in order to allow for worshippers to reach their homes before 200pm when the open day would terminate.

The statement advised Christians to adhere to the protocol of COVID-19 as spelt out by health authorities., stated that,

“Wearing of face mask is compulsory before anyone is allowed into the church for worship” said the statement..

It also insisted that they must maintain the seating distance in the church during the worship of 3 meters between each chair.

“Bucket/drum of water and soap for handwashing before entering into the church for worship must be made available.” It added.

“Availability of alcohol-based hand sanitizers for worshippers to use before, during and/or after worship,” the statement said

“Beloved servants of God, we sincerely request that all our pastors and congregants observe these important regulations as both CAN’s monitoring and enforcement team shall be visiting every church alongside the state monitoring and enforcement team.

“We do believe we shall cooperate with the CAN leadership to sustain the honour God has given to his church in the land/state.”


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